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We have created training courses for corporations, universities and schools on many topics.

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Food & Nutrition

Objective: To help children, as well as their teachers and parents, make healthy food choices.
Solution: Three educational games for children, a MOOC for teachers and a mobile application for parents - Alimentarium Academy (developed by CoorpAcademy).

People management

Objective: To train managers on how to recruit and integrate new employees, how to assess and develop people, and how to manage teams.
Solution: Design of interactive videos (developed by EMAKINA).

Big data

Objective: To highlight the importance of using data analytics for making better decisions.
Solution: Design and development of an e-learning module with examples, case studies, activities, animations, videos, formative and summative assessments.

Operational process

Objective: To explain the QTC (Quality Time Cost) process and the relationship between its factors.
Solution: Design of an interactive video allowing learners to figure out each relationship on their own (developed by RTS).

Financial process

Objective: To train users on "payments", an important part of the expenditure lifecycle at the European Commission - DG BUDGET.
Solution: A serious game allowing learners to put rules into practice. The game follows a classroom training on finance which focuses mainly on theory (UnI Learning Project).

Induction program

Objective: To introduce the services of the Enterprise Europe Network at the European Commission and explain how it can help SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).
Solution: Design and development of an e-learning module based on storytelling and mini-games (UnI Learning Project).

Sales training

Objective: To improve sales representatives’ efficiency by providing them with the knowledge and know-how that they need (brand, products, market, customer needs, competition, etc.).
Solution: A MOOC with videos, questions, gamification and coaches (developed by CoorpAcademy).

Purchasing process

Objective: To provide new buyers across the world with a "purchasing process", allowing them to execute their daily responsibilities smoothly and efficiently.
Solution: A blended learning approach, i.e. e-learning modules (engaging the learners through questions, case studies and interactions) followed by a classroom training (UnI Learning Project).

Marketing process

Objective: To achieve a high standard of competence and consistency across the organisation.
Solution: Design of an e-learning module on a marketing process. This module was part of a change management strategy.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Objective: To train doctors on the topic of "Adult vaccination for healthy ageing".
Solution: A one hour e-learning module, available in 5 languages, accredited at a European level and worth one CME credit (UnI Learning Project).

Teacher certification

Objective: To support teachers in preparing their certification exam.
Solution: Short interactive educational resources allowing teachers to practice and prepare for their certification exam.

Environmental Science

Objective: To immerse students in a real-life scenario in the field of environmental science.
Solution: Brownfield Action is a simulation in which students are presented with maps, documents, videos, and an extensive network of scientific data to investigate a suspected contaminated land site. They assume the roles of environmental consulting firms contracting with a real estate developer to study the condition of the site and report on the feasibility of commercial construction.


Objective: One objective of HeyMath is to help students become independent learners and to help teachers provide more individualized support to their students.
Solution: Providing students with animated and interactive lessons that help to strengthen the understanding of mathematical concepts. Students also regularly receive practice worksheets from a bank of questions for on-going testing and assessment.

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