What is the role of an instructional designer?

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What is the role of an instructional designer?

The role of an instructional designer is to help people learn – as effectively and efficiently as possible. How? By choosing an approach that is suitable for both the target audience and the learning needs.

An instructional designer is therefore able to:

  • Analyse the needs and empathize with learners so as to come up with effective and efficient learning experiences
  • Define learning objectives
  • Work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to source the content and process it thoroughly
  • Structure and rewrite the content to meet the learning objectives
  • Create engaging learning scenarios and activities
  • Develop assessments for people to practice and test their knowledge

An instructional designer has:

  • Strong communication skills (especially in writing)
  • Pedagogical skills to actively engage learners
  • Technical skills to enhance learning
  • Creative skills
  • Graphic design skills
  • Project management skills

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